Olivia, Community

Olivia, Community - MISS KICK

When did you start Miss Kick?
September 2021

How has Miss Kick changed since you started?

As the team has grown, so has all our exciting projects and workload. This has caused such a buzz in the office- I’m sure there was one before the team grew in September, but I can feel how excited the whole team are about our future plans for the brand.

What is your day to day at Miss Kick?
All things community! I look after all our ambassadors and captains via group chats, social media and our new app. I also work on forming partnerships with external football clubs and leagues, businesses and foundations to help to grow our community base, as well as looking after the development and population of the Miss Kick app. Amy also makes me create TikToks with her…(I love it really).

What is your favourite part of working at Miss Kick?

Every day is different and each week, more and more exciting projects and opportunities come up for us. The entire team are so passionate about what we do, which makes it such a motivational environment to work in.

One unpopular opinion:

Custard is, by far, the worst dessert

Fun fact about you?

I was a background dater on First Dates!


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