About Miss Kick

Miss Kick are the leading football brand and community for her. Our mission is to represent her place in the game through product, community and content, so she can play football with confidence and without limits. In doing so, we envision an even playing field where she knows she belongs and has what she needs to perform to her best, on and off the pitch.

We create clothing and sportswear for women and girls in football, where 2.5% of every order goes to our charity, Miss Kick Foundation, who provide free opportunities for girls to get into sport. The brand also represents a growing, global community of female players and their supporters.

Miss Kick and Miss Kick Foundation was founded by former footballer, Grace Vella, after realising women and girls in football deserved more representation and visibility. She hopes Miss Kick will create change within society and inspire more girls to get involved, so they can equally benefit from the positive effects football can have on health and wellbeing.

Our Community

Through our Ambassador Community Programme, we provide online and in-person events, competitions and enable girls to make friends with others like them, across the world.

Our Story

  • How it started

    Miss Kick was founded in June 2018 by former Liverpool and Manchester City footballer, Grace Vella, after feeling there was a need for a brand that represented women and girls' place in the game.

  • 2019

    Started to gain media coverage and featured on ITV Granada Reports, which influxed interest in the brand.

    Miss Kick's new website was launched.

  • 2020

    Grace hired her first employee and the team started to grow from there.

    Miss Kick relaunched with a fresh logo and look to the brand.

  • miss kick ambassador girls football


    The Miss Kick Community programme launched, growing from 0 to 2000+ today.

    Miss Kick Foundation Charity launched and appointed 5 trustees.

  • 2022

    MKFC launched in America!

    Whilst in the UK, Miss Kick released a bespoke football training kit for girls and women.

    The year of the EURO's, Miss Kick travelled the country meeting the community.