Amy, Content

Amy, Content - MISS KICK
When did you start Miss Kick?
April 2021
How has Miss Kick changed since you started?

The team has grown quite a lot, our ambitions have grown and even the processes we use have improved.

What is your day to day at Miss Kick?

CONTENT (and a lot of it). Begin with looking at any assets I need to create for social media, plan and schedule them in. Other tasks include coming up with campaign ideas for photo and video shoots, putting them into a plan and talk to videographers/photographer about my visions. Anything you see on social media, it has more than likely come from me!

What is your favourite part of working at Miss Kick?

Going on photoshoots/video shoots, they are great as you get to work with some amazing people and get to create some really cool content.

One unpopular opinion:

Ketchup and salad is a great combo. 

Fun fact about you?

I have a Liverpool tattoo on my ankle.


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