Kara, Operations

Kara, Operations - MISS KICK

When did you start Miss Kick?
I started Miss Kick in September 2021. I used to work with Grace and help her attending tournaments in 2018 and 2019 but officially started in 2021! 

How has Miss Kick changed since you started?

Miss Kick changes every week! We now have an app that is going to help us really connect with our community. We are so excited to show you all the new collection and what we have planned.

What is your day to day at Miss Kick?
My day to day at Miss Kick varies so much. My job is to organise all events and ensure all stock is arriving on time (something that is super difficult in our current covid times) and ensure all our customers are happy.

What is your favourite part of working at Miss Kick?

I love the team and the community! All the girls are amazing within the Miss Kick family. I also love seeing the company grow, seeing Miss Kick go from helping Grace print T-shirts to having our own office and a team of 6 is so special.

One unpopular opinion:

Halloumi is the worst cheese ever invented.


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