Soccer Assist's Rising Stars of Women’s Football

Soccer Assist's Rising Stars of Women’s Football

Miss Kick recently paired with Soccer Assist to promote their Rising Stars of Women's Football. Soccer Assist help create academic and sporting opportunities by assisting students in the scholarship process and supporting them throughout. They offer a personalised experience to each individual, both before and after a US scholarship is attained.

Soccer Assist wanted to shine a light on some of the talented female athletes that have shined through their scholarship trials. These athletes are all taking the ‘unconventional route’ to the top by leaving their friends and families and crossing the ocean to play at college in America.

So who are Soccer Assist's Rising Stars of Women's Football?

Emie Ramsell

16 year old centre-back Emie Ramsell, currently playing for Watford Ladies, will be heading to college in America on a soccer scholarship in 2025. Emie has always wanted to travel and play football in a different country and has been inspired by the U.S. Women's National Team as well as Virgil Van Dijk and Leah Williamson. Emie is known to be a pacey defender and also likes to get stuck in and is not afraid of a hard tackle. The centre-back explained she has had to build her confidence back up after recently joining a women's adult team from playing in a local boys team, with fears she would not be able to adjust but now loves every minute. After asking Emie how she feels about the Miss Kick training wear, she claims it defines the femininity in a player but also shows that she still means business on the pitch and feels confident in it.

Catherine Dickinson

19 year old Catherine is heading to America this summer on a soccer scholarship to play for the Iowa Lakes Lakers, the soccer team for Iowa Lakes Community College. Having already gained some experience in the US coaching, Catherine couldn't be more excited to get back and experience it as a player. When discussing obstacles, Catherine used to play in a 5 a-side league with the boys at her high school and they would only let her play one game with them, she was the only girl and found it frustrating. Luckily she put the frustration behind and searched for girls teams to play with. Catherine made an important point that once some girls reach college, they decide not to play the game anymore, she's thinking this is because of the accessibility, but this was more an opportunity to push on than a deal breaker for Catherine. When trialling the Miss Kick training wear Catherine explains that it fits better and the shorts feel tailored to her thighs meaning she doesn't feel restricted. She also stated that she views Miss Kick has helping give other girls confidence to play the game and express themselves while playing!

Charlotte Long

Charlotte is a 16 year old centre-back who plays for the London City Lionesses Under 21s. From following players such as Rachel Daly and Millie Bright to being inspired by the famous film 'Bend It Like Beckham', Charlotte saw an opportunity to make her passion professional. After attending Soccer Assist's women's football trials, Charlotte was impressed and felt like they really pointed her in the right direction. The centre-back uses Millie Bright as a playing model by being loud yet organised on the pitch and making sure she communicates with her team. Going back to Primary School Charlotte remembers there was only a boys team, of which she wasn't allowed to play on! Being a natural leader she decided to gather her friends up to start their own team, overtime this team became popular enough to compete, meaning Charlotte's actions gave other girls the opportunity to play. After wearing the Miss Kick training top and shorts, Charlotte claims that she felt confident, explaining that it's comfortable, fits her body well and doesn't restrict her, meaning she can focus on her game whilst feeling good on the pitch.

Sophie Afshar 

The youngest rising star is Sophie Afshar. Sophie is 15 years old but already has plans for her future football career as she's looking to head to America for college after her A-Levels. She believes that the U.S College system will help carve her path to becoming pro and has turned to Soccer Assist for some assistance in making these dreams come true. Sophie looks to the likes of Jordan Nobbs for inspiration due to the strong comeback she's made after being injured and bouncing back at the World Cup. When discussing obstacles growing up trying to play football, the centre-back explains she was the only girl in her football camp one summer as well as being one of the youngest, forcing her to prove herself and be brave and confident - which shows a lot about Sophie as a person and a player turning every situation good or bad into an opportunity to grow. Sophie felt as though the Miss Kick training shorts and top was made for her as she likes how it's built to a women's body and looks nice and professional. She states that seeing brands like Miss Kick, making girls feel more confident on the pitch, makes a big difference.

Abi Harisson

Abi is heading to North Carolina next summer and is looking forward to the professional set up and training everyday in first class facilities! She enjoys the passion America has for women's football and the opportunities that it presents for players like herself. After attending a Soccer Assist trial day in London, Abi was contacted by the organisation who were impressed by her football talent. Since then, they have been helping her with all the paperwork and in identifying Universities to look into, they even put together footage of her playing to send to coaches. Abi bases her football style on Chloe Kelly, being inspired by how direct and tactical she is. Aftering trying on the Miss Kick training wear, Abi saw and felt a difference in the fit, she had no kit worries on the pitch as she claims if the clothes look good, she feels better.

Miss Kick have loved collaborating with Soccer Assist on their latest campaign, shining a light on some of the best up and coming talent in the women's game!⁠ The above players are all set to earn scholarships at colleges in America, where they will get to play the game they love every day at some of the best facilities in the country.⁠ 

If you are age 15-23 and are interested in finding out more about this route head to the Soccer Assist page and drop them a DM to find out more! Also, they're giving you 40% off their trial days when you use the code MK40, that would take the price of a trial from £119 to £79.

The next set of women's trials are:

- Manchester: Tuesday 24th October 

- Milton Keynes: Wednesday 25th October

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