Miss Kick x Calculated Performance Girls Training Event(s)

Miss Kick x Calculated Performance Girls Training Event(s) - MISS KICK

We are so proud to have hosted the Miss Kick x Calculated Performance Event on Tuesday 5th April and Wednesday 13th April! 

With the aim of bringing the Miss Kick community together, giving them the opportunity to spend 2-days developing their football skills whilst getting to know each other and celebrating our shared love of the game, this event was a huge success.

Olivia (Community Manager at Miss Kick)- "It's fantastic to bring the Miss Kick community together to celebrate our shared love for football. Being able to give our community the opportunity to train with Calculated Performance has not only been thoroughly rewarding but kickstarted a partnership that will only help us to develop the girls game further. We are so excited for future events and what's to come!"

Hugh (Head of Football, Calculated Performance)- "It was great to train 40+ female players, and give them the opportunity to experience our training. It was fantastic to collaborate with the Miss Kick team to showcase our shared passion for developing the female game. We look forward to hosting more in future."

We are planning on running more of these events in future, and in other locations, so keep an eye out on both Miss Kick and Calculated Performance's social media for more updates.

A huge thank you to the Calculated Performance team. Who'd like to see a Summer Camp? 

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