On Saturday 14th May, the Miss Kick team travelled down to Birmingham to host a pop up stall at the SDYFL Girls League Tournament.

A 5am start, van full of Miss Kick stock and two Greggs sausage sandwiches later, the team got started for a full day of activities. Blessed with beautiful weather, we met so many girls with a love for everything football- and signed many up as ambassadors while we were there! 

Tournaments are the heart of Miss Kick; in 2018, our Founder Grace hosted our first stall with a gazebo and printed t-shirts, kick starting the journey we're now all apart of. Nearly 4 years later, the team have a very busy summer approaching, attending tournaments every weekend from May-August. 

We will be scattered across the country, from Manchester, Birmingham and London. We'd love to meet as many of our Miss Kick community there as possible.

Do you have a tournament taking place this summer and would like the Miss Kick team to attend? Drop us a message on 

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