Katie, Ecommerce

Katie, Ecommerce - MISS KICK

When did you start Miss Kick?
I started working for Miss Kick in September 2020. I followed Grace's journey since she started in 2018 so it's an honour to now help Miss Kick grow.

How has Miss Kick changed since you started?
Miss Kick is constantly developing. It's amazing to see how far Miss Kick has come. From new and improved products to a new office to more staff members! We've been busy to say the least.

What is your day to day at Miss Kick?
I'm the Ecommerce part of Miss Kick, so the online selling, design of the website, managing your orders etc. I'm also involved in the development of the product - it's super fun choosing colour palettes and product types.

What is your favourite part of working at Miss Kick?

I love the community that comes with Miss Kick, it's great to chat to them and get to know them. I'm also lucky to be part of such a great team, we have fun and support each other.

One unpopular opinion:

I prefer winter over summer.

Fun fact about you?
I was an extra on Waterloo Road

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