About Miss Kick Foundation

Miss Kick was founded in June 2018 by 21 year old Grace Vella, a former Liverpool and Manchester City player. Despite the incredible life experiences playing sport gave her when she was younger, it also often made her feel like she was treated differently, received fewer opportunities and was negatively stereotyped because she was a girl who wanted to play football. This journey inspired her to launch the Miss Kick brand, to address these issues and bring about social change through football. Miss Kick Foundation is a charity with BIG ambitions and a mission to empower HER to compete, play and love the game, without limits!

Over the past few years, Miss Kick the brand has made significant strides in raising awareness around the issues of inequality and accessibility for girls to play football and other sports. The Miss Kick Foundation will continue to build on this important work, collaborating with partners across the sector in driving initiatives that make a real difference to young women and girls, both on and off the pitch.  

Our Story

  • Connect

    We will invite our teammates to advocate, celebrate and take part in HER movement.

  • Change

    We will challenge the negative perceptions and beliefs around HER sport.

  • Collaborate

    We will level up with other teams by sharing products, stories and experiences for HER.

We are here to champion her, on and off the pitch.

Support Our Work

At the Miss Kick Foundation we know that we are stronger when we stand together. This is why we will team up to level up. Team up with people, brands and organisations to level up partnerships, projects and programmes to serve HER.

So whilst we continue to change the game with our own initiatives, we are actively looking for team mates with whom we can strike up a partnership to accelerate this change and make a real difference in HER world.

If you would like to join our movement, we would love to hear from you. Please drop us an email at foundation@misskick.com


  • Keep on doing what you’re doing for the girls out there who always wanted to play and who can play now! Thank you!

  • For all the girls and women that love football. Remember never to give up.

  • Miss Kick have been great for me and so many other girls. From great clothes (that finally aren’t pink and sparkly) to really good football camps and making new friends. I’m proud to be part of it all.

  • Keep doing what you are doing! Absolutely smashing it. Thank you for supporting us, women.