From Lounging to Travelling Here's How to Style Our Everyday Edit

From Lounging to Travelling Here's How to Style Our Everyday Edit - MISS KICK

Our all new Everyday Edit for Summer 2023 is here! Dropping our latest collection of hoodies, t-shirts, and shorts in cool new blush pink and sky blue colours, the latest edit is an elevation of our original 2022 launch. Perfectly timed for the off season, we know many of you will be enjoying a well-earned rest from your football training and match days. Perhaps you’ve got a few holidays booked, or simply planning to enjoy the great British summer time. However you are spending your summer, our new Everyday Edit is here just in time to upgrade your casual fits. 

Adding a pop of colour to your summer style

Before we head into our tips for styling, we must mention the introduction of two new colours to our range, sky blue and blush pink. These new colour options promise to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe and can be paired perfectly with our popular monochrome pieces. With both colours used to create our new hoodies and shorts, you can even pair these together to create the ultimate summer co-ord. 

Off pitch lounging 

Our Everyday Edit provides the perfect casual essentials for lounging and recovering off the pitch. Alongside our football training clothing, we have developed an entire range of loungewear which is equally as practical, comfortable, durable and of a high quality as our training clothing. Since recovery and recuperation is just as essential as exercise, this loungewear offers the perfect designs and styles to keep you comfortable and cool as you relax after a long season or a strenuous training session. Ideal for throwing on after a match, off the pitch, or for creating a stylish everyday look that will be perfect for a quick walk around the park, a trip to the shops or simply relaxing at home. 

Comfortable travelling fits

Not only is our Everyday Edit perfect for recovery days and lounging, it’s incredibly versatile and can make for the ultimate travelling fit. Whether you’re hitting the airport this summer for a holiday abroad, or you’re travelling cross-country to visit your family and friends, a Miss Kick hoodie and shorts combo is the perfect co-ord for comfort and style. Plus, if you fancy a quick kick around while you’re away, these items are great for packing light and won’t add much extra weight to a checked bag. Our lightweight lounge shorts, in particular, are ideal for throwing on around the pool, as a coverup on the beach or for lunch breaks away from the sun. 


To shop the latest launch and our updated Everyday Edit, check out the new range here. Featuring styles for both women and girls in a range of sizes, colours and styles. 


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