The Importance Of Quality Football Training Wear

The Importance Of Quality Football Training Wear - MISS KICK
Naomi Fitzpatrick

With the launch of our new technical training wear, we are discussing the importance of football training wear. Discovering why it pays to invest in quality football training clothing. 

Supporting Your Football Training

There’s no doubt that football training consumes the majority of a pro and semi-pro’s life. In fact, footballers spend thousands of hours of their lives training. Working to improve their skills, build their confidence and develop their athleticism. Even if you’re playing for your local women’s team, training is a huge part of your footballing life. 

From technical training to physical training, the elements of football training pushes your body to its physical limits. To help you move better and get the most from your training, wearing the right clothes is important. Providing this clothing is of a high quality, you will be able to move freely without limitations and comfortably too. All while you run, jump, kick and dodge your way around the pitch. 

Essential football training wear for women and girls 

From training tops to shorts and base layers, there are a number of key pieces all girls should look to invest in. some of these being the main elements to a full training kit you can wear on and off the pitch. Below we have highlighted key features to look for when buying football training wear for women and girls. 

Training tops 

Training tops, both short and long sleeves, are pivotal to the basic training outfit. Keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, training tops are incredibly versatile and should be flexible and durable so you are free to move around the pitch without feelings of restriction. Our Miss Kick training tops include a range of styles from fitted short sleeve to quarter zip long sleeve and standard fit designs. Perfect for a range of activities, weathers, and requirements. 

Training tops made using a lightweight fabric are ideal since these provide breathability, making your training wear adjustable to your body temperature. What’s more, the Miss Kick range of training tops are specifically designed for the female body. Contoured to create a flattering shape that is not too big or too small and comes in a wide range of women and girl’s sizes. 

Shorts, Leggings & Joggers 

No less important is your choice of shorts or leggings. Your legs do so much of the work when training, so it is vital that you wear something that allows you to kick, run, jump, and tackle with your feet and legs with ease. Both our training shorts and leggings for girls and women are designed with flexibility and movement in mind. We have taken into consideration the requirements of a quality pair of training bottoms to ensure you can move freely and perform to the best of your ability. 

With our own playing experience, we also understand that no two girls are the same. Everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to the style and design of training wear. Which is why we offer a wide variety of training bottoms including fitted and standard fit shorts, technical training leggings, and slim fit training joggers.

Base layers 

Providing support and comfort, high-quality base layers are a staple must-have in your training wear wardrobe. Designed to be worn as extra layers underneath your training tops and bottoms, quality base layers should be made with stretchy and flexible material that not only allows for a range of movement but is contoured to the shape of your body. 

With our range of base layers, you will find a collection of base layer tops and bottoms that are made to perfectly contour the female body and support you as you train. 

Training in hot weather 

Training in hot weather presents its own set of challenges, and that's why having the right football training wear is crucial to ensure you can perform at your best while staying comfortable. When the temperature rises, look for training wear that incorporates breathable 

materials. This will help to keep you dry and cool during intense training sessions.

Our new technical training range has incorporated all the essential elements of women’s and girl’s training wear to help you prepare for the upcoming season. Check out the range today and order from our wide selection of technical training shorts, leggings, and tops. 

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